Accelerating Capital Growth for the Beginner and Buy-and-hold communities

CyberTrade — Whitepaper


The mission of CyberTrade is to provide a safe environment for the crypto community to invest and trade, to accelerate capital growth.

The safe environment is created by avoiding the hack/scam risks associated with trading on ‘centralised’ exchanges, by providing de-centralised, cryptographically secure automated trading services.

The CyberTrade…

The CryptoSphere is an exciting place to be. It feels like the Internet .com boom, all over again.

This time, money (not information or social networking) is at the core of developments. Tens of thousands of dedicated teams and hundreds of thousands of talented people are recreating the entire financial system.

The pace of change is electric, with changes occurring every day.

One such change is the creation of CyberTrade, an organisation with a mission to automate crypto trading, for all retail investors.

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IT Professional, active in software design/development, Agile delivery of CryptoCurrency and CRM projects.

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